2nd New Los Angeles Folk Festival

The social networks have all been a buzz in the weeks leading up to the event held at the amazing Los Angeles hide away, "Zorthian Ranch", and it was in fact quite a day.   Daiana Feuer and the rest of the gang did an amazing job of setting this all up and making it effortless fun for all of us in attendance.  I need not say too much as the event organizers  have their elite team spreading word of the success through the blogosphere and press.  Be sure to check out lafolkfest.com for a rundown of the events and for some links to recordings of the performances.  
As for my thoughts and impressions,  We all know what I think of TSK,  further to be expected were the singer/songwriters traditionally expected at this type of event.  Some stand outs were Ana Caravelle, perhaps because this was my introduction to her music, perhaps due to the harp.   I should avoid comparing her to Joanna Newsom with a more soulful voice and sensitive style, but there is that similar meandering song structure.  Dust bowl Revival I may have to side with as my favorite of the day, with their old New Orleans folk jazz sound, collective musical talent (so tight) and instrumentation combined (I have more to say and certainly will in time).   I have also come to redefine Folk in the last day,  into an all encompassing cloud involving world music (it wouldn't quite be Los Angeles if the powers that be didn't sneak it in),  The Psycho-Spaghetti Western group Spindrift left a really good impression with their Ennio Morricone gone rock style. All in all it was a great party with some great artists.

Amanda Jo Williams (11:05-11:40pm),
Ana Caravelle (10:15-10:50pm),
Cowboy And Indian (8:10-8:45pm),
The Djin Aquarian Band (11:15-11:50pm),
Dustbowl Revival (2-2:35pm),
Emily Lacy (6-6:35pm),
Fabiano Do Nascimento Trio (7:35-8:10pm),
Ferraby Lionheart (3:30-4:05pm),
Frank Fairfield (7-7:40pm),
Ghiant (2:35-3:10pm),
Julia Holter (8:45-9:20pm),
Jenny Luna And The Moondogs (4:...05-4:40pm),
Matt Taylor And His Laurels (2:15-2:50pm),
Nasambu And The Mystic Nomads (6:55-7:30pm),
Radical Face (5:50-6:25pm),
Ramona Gonzalez (9:20-9:55pm),
RT N' The 44's (10:30-11:05pm),
Ruthann Friedman (5-5:35pm),
Space Comes Soft (7:50-8:25pm),
Spindrift (11:40-12:15pm),
Stone Darling (4:40-5:15pm),
The Stevenson Ranch Davidians (10:25-10:55pm),
Tommy Santee Klaws (9:55-10:30pm),
Triple Chicken Foot (9-10pm),
Very Be Careful (2:55-3:30pm),
Yellow Red Sparks (5:15-5:50pm)

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