Monday, November 29, 2010

A Few Images That Make Browsing For Stupid Stuff Stimulating

Who doesn't like Ninjas?

Nothing quite like misleading the youth of tomorrow...


Aw,  they are just so gosh darn cute,  aren't they?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Few Must See Experimental Films That Can Be Found Online

"The Hearts of Age" (1934)
by Orson Wells and William Vance

"Cat's Cradle" (1959)
By Stan Brakhage

"The Kiss"
by Andy Warhol

Friday, November 5, 2010


"Fuck tha Police" an anthem by N.W.A. was received by the masses in in exultation and violently opposed by the republican party that was in power at the time.  The truth is Government exists not to help those who live under it, but to line bureaucratic pockets.  These legal deciding entities are simply the most powerful organized crime communities in the world.  Cops (with their tiny egos boosted to insane heights by the drinking of the power bestowed upon them) are in no position for any victory in any popularity contest.  However,  they still have the power to make the common man feel helpless against their whims, and as it was said in the film Tombstone... " just because you are the law doesn't make you right."

It is not against the thwarting of violent crimes or robberies that we are opposed but the harassment of the standard  taxpaying citizen through the petty use of intimidation.  These bullies with guns are becoming exactly that which they were first put in place to prevent. The system has become self serving and fat from feasting on ease.  The little blue men in little blue caps are little more than a gang who have taken a position of robbery by quotas, crawling like cockroaches around gentrified areas,  acting macho in areas where they know they won't get shot.  Billboards  heavilly recruit cowards behind a badge to round up cattle and feed from them, enforcing the law for the tiniest infractions, especially those with no victims, and those that endanger no one.   The scribble on the side of the Pigmobile reads "to serve and protect" but "to intimidate and enforce" is more appropriate. 

It's hard for us to comprehend that cars run on fuel not on rules and regulations,  parking tickets, traffic tickets,  registration, all of these pay for the institution which enforces their necessity,  If we, the victims of this game, collectively refused to participate,  the system would crumble,  the mock authority would vanish.  Much like the world of THX 1138 it is the inhabitants of the system trapping themselves in it.

Ideally one could take a peaceful approach,   The simplest action would be to deny they have any authority what so ever,  Refuse to pay parking tickets,  refuse to pay traffic violations or even to stop for the sake of flashing red and blue lights,  refusals to participate in paying taxes,  If all would participate, this would effectively change the way the system worked.  However the sheep and cattle mentality simply will not allow such forward thinking,  The few that would take the simplest and cheapest route of not doing anything,  ignoring the nuisance,  would be the first punished thrown in prison and generally bullied into not upsetting the system.  Instead we are left with the option of following legal paths.   One can fight these infractions in court, never admit guilt,  never allow them to get away with a no contest and assumed guilt. However, courthouses have cut employment on clerks and information,  resulting in day long waits to contest in court, while placing rapid payment options online and by telephone.  This is the system showing its vicious thieving face. To resign yourself to the wrong and try to move on with life becomes the easiest path.  Remember though, If you do choose to contest, you are not only wasting your time, but wasting the time of the system and the police officer who will not be out on the streets while testifying against you, as well.    Petitions to limit the powers and fines for non victim crimes could probably safely be started and civil liberties groups have already begun this, So please join up.  I will not dissuade this but feel that unfortunately all actions that are effective will be met with a punishment to prevent their happening.

Yet, It's important that we the thinkers,  the offended,  do our part still,  though the world will not yet collectively rise up and refuse to be victims. Leaders of the minds of the masses are needed.  This, of course, will be met with force,  no matter what our stance against it will be.  It is the proof of the Tyranny.  The more extreme action would be met with an even more extreme action,  But civilians must not be injured by us in this war,  this is what we are trying to prevent,  and so this movement must begin underground and be directed only at police, court, and infrastructure property.   Guerilla factions must retaliate as to show that we are not helpless against oppression. Leading the way and chipping away at police dignity and power.  Yet while acting as a warrior for the better good, the victory is to not get caught,  to oppose the establishment is to become an outlaw.  Becoming an outlaw makes the mind sharp aware of its surroundings,  it finds opportunities for first strikes, the outlaw knows the law and the inner workings of that force set against them.

simple acts of the vigilante,  the bravery of the night vandal,  are all at your finger tips...

pointing out these faults through clever street art, slashing the tires of pigmobiles,  a hand full of sugar cubes into a cops gas tank will put a unit out of service and a thrashed engine will cost them the money of at least three tickets to repair, the cash they must spend to maintain the infrastructure, means the less rewarding the position will be for the individual doing the enforcement.   By choosing to become an enforcer,  the human has forfeited their right to be human.  The Police should be seen as the first weapon of Tyranny, having set themselves in opposition to humanity.  Do what you will.  don't get caught.  You are not the Bad Guy.