A Rainy Day in Los Angeles

Its actually been a rainy gang of days, but just at the right time. After months with out internet, the Internet's long awaited reappearance makes the prospect of hiding behind glass and admiring the gray from a distance seem swell.  

"Nighthawks at the Diner" is playing in the back ground, and Tom Waits is spitting out a fitting "Emotional Weather Report" as I shuffle files from hard drive to hard drive,  expecting that all meetings today are off,  and pondering effect that the thickness in the air will have on rehearsal later tonight. 

The busses outside noisily sludge through the streets of Korea-town but everything smells cleaner,  gloomy faces, no gloomier than usual, seem to fit the mood.  I of course am imagining faces on the pinhead characters I can see wandering from the subway lines down by Wilshire.

We are doing well to be out of bed, sipping coffee, wearing sweaters, letting cool air and soft light in for fresh rejuvenation.   Its funny when LA feels like this, like it could last till winter this way, like there might be a seasonal change upon the winds. 

Should be back to normal in no time... That's sort of what makes me sad,  I was getting into the idea of wearing London clothes,  or a cold weather Montana Mountain Man coat.  I miss the soul that is missing here. I keep hoping that the moisture will warp and crumble the cardboard cutouts that prevent us from seeing anything real in this god forsaken city of angels...