I have thoughts, I can write a Blog

I just watched "Julie and Julia". It showed me something about continuity, which is often the cry of the masses, and indeed a mismatched gathering of self stimulation is in fact just that. Yet the overwhelming number of Blogs will testify to the value of self adoration and reaching out to strangers in this time of our civilization's evolution. Shall I share my perspective on the world? In time dear child, but first view this image Tripp Nestor. (I have heard the people like pictures)

Now, there is this ongoing debate about real art vs. digital art, another about real writers and throw away bloggers. Furthermore we have endless copyright issues, remixing of video and music. (by the way that picture you need permission to use that image) Yes we have worked our selves towards something, in a few hundred years they may explain the phenomenon. Will it be a modern Renaissance? What is going to be seen as the worth that comes out of this time of reckless freedom of expression? Is success to be measured by the number of google hits one has? Will those hits equate to ease of living, wealth or prosperity?

Who knows?

In the vaults of the future...

The proof will be in the pudding.

New Version of The Deadline in High Definition

To do it justice, Andres Salaff has released his CalArts animation "The Deadline" in high definition.  This is a excellent envisioning of a man coping with the difficulties of overbearing expectations. Ripping through time and taking a few twists and turns along the way. This film tackles tough issues like substance abuse and suicide. And Features a score by Blanton Ross