Thursday, July 30, 2009

Time Zones

disappearing acts
of the world spinning round
cradle songs sung in sunlight
and in time for time
minutes turned hours
while days slowly count down
i say good morning
and you say goodnight
life carries on outside our overlapping cocoon
unavoidable industry
demanding attendance now
locked in cycles and random outbursts
rearranging shadows through the blinds
and tugging at my mind
we are still coinciding

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

There is no Place Like Time

when all these worlds colide
each lonely star in the sky
makes a clever design
side by side and far away
the wash of Old and Promised Place

"Where would you like to focus your beam?"
said the scattered dream King
"cause I promise it all rests on you.
you are the viewer
you're the point of control
you gotta shake off this heavy
let the path take its course
take the blessing in the lesson
and forgive all the parts
and do just exactly what needs to be done."

Friday, July 17, 2009

Los Angeles Experimental Music and Arts

Los Angeles can certainly reveal its secrets some times, motion comes quickly back in water and I found myself recording the entire evening at the Steve Allen Theater where Good music, and performance art sculpted into a wonderfully successful eventwith an amazing turnout. Two bands and a circus came towards me through a stereo pair of Rode NT5s, two XLRs, a Motu 828 Traveler, and Logic Pro last night(a most fortunate Gig).
The Audience was littered with people I have worked with, and others I have played music with, interesting strangers and many old friends. It was Like a time warp back to 2006 and 2007 and all the components were polished and working better than ever. The experimental scene in LA seems a tight knit group with two degrees of separation at any point from CalArts.
The night of experimental music called ResBox is currated once every month By Hans Fjellestad. This week the line up was: FEEDBACK WAVE RIDERs who opened with Two long ambient and rising soundscapes, "ZNAYU aka 3HAIO" followed with a tribute to the talk show innovator who's name graced the Theatre housing the night. This performance featured such oddities as an escape artist, sign language, and a burlesque dancer, live projection mixed with Steve Allen footage, a comedian, and superb music. At the End of the night the duo "nOT iN tHE hOUSE"(who was having their CD release)took the stage and played a stretching set of music that kept the audience bobbing there heads through morphing musical environments and finished with cake. (it doesn't get much better than that.)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Texas to LA with London on my Mind

Is not Sunday the day of rest?, As John Denver said "all my bags are packed I'm ready to go" I had stayed up all night some time ago to save on the waking you up to say goodbye...
The last days in Texas and I am hung on the last day in London two months ago. Time is slower here. And its a funny way to lose your head and find your feet: Blowing out the left overs of the lord. Clean again, finally free from the assorted guts of a Case International Harvester Combine. The best of me was futile here. I left it somehow In the United Kingdom. And the return journey was not a straight nor narrow.
West was the battle cry. California or Bust. The Industry of Make Believe. And the Freeways I knew all to well. Theatres, Movie Sets, Studios, All waiting with there ivory capped teeth, smiling a smile that one with the right eyes can see the sinister intention that will take you in and hold you there forever. This would be fine had there not been Europe. In the Golden state, my craft's at least were appreciated, though my direction changed steadily toward an Eagle Scout Mobility Badge. Music Is a tomahawk in the hands of a Moosechaser.