Avant-Americana's Native Leanings

Mesquite Treason is my solo side project most closely relating to my collaborative efforts in Tears of the Moosechaser.  Beyond searching for Pioneering Techniques in the acoustic world of folk music, this project also plays heavily on my electronic and noise background.

I have drawn from a number of sources,  from Scandinavian Folk, Irish folk to Tuvan throat singing, and the pulsing trance world of the Navajo nation distorted by drifting in and out of range as you drive across the Mojave Desert late at night.   I have also leaned close to Harry Partch in the construction of my own instruments both acoustic and electronic,  though I primarily use the electronics for the manipulation of acoustic sound.

Ride that Raven is so far one of the most commercial pieces I have released under the moniker Mesquite Treason, and I have yet to find it suitable companions to accompany the track on the Album "Shadows Of The Wind". So it currently exists as a stand alone.

I cut the video using archive footage from D.W. Griffith's "Battle of Elderbush Gulch" against footage I shot out by Joshua Tree and Processed using Jitter. In my version though, the natives win.

Whether representative of the whole or not,  Ride That Raven Flies as Mesquite Treason's flag for the masses.  Enjoy.