An Art Film To Accompany Cheyenne by Mesquite Treason

Using a telescope and a handycam I've created an abstract documenting of
the Joshua Tree Studio and the stick art I'm building on the side. 
This is a Return to Etudes In Construction Of Timbre, The second album Released as Mesquite Treason.

Desert Wanderings with Peyote, Windmills, and Lobo

This is a short abstract video cut to a very old track off of my first official album.

"Dream Travel" was originally released as Kyle Blanton Ross in 2009 and has recently fallen under the SynaFleur categorization.   The footage was shot on an iPhone shortly after my migration out to the desert.  Wait for the ending and you can get up close and personal with the desert's favorite dog, Lobo Borealis.