SPOILER ALERT: Alice in Wonderland

Expect more Disney channel than Tim Burton or better yet don't bother...it's inevitable that you will anyway,  and I cant blame you.  I had high hopes too,  A director I respect, excellent actors, a timeless amazing story to serve as inspiration.  How could it go wrong?

I keep telling myself that it was not a lack of vision that movie suffered from but an over bearing corporation shadowing that vision and reigning it in, nullifying what could have been really special about it.   Instead you get watered down Tim Burton fingerprints scattered about Wonderland: dark circle eye shadow, serpentine trees, asymmetrical jail cells, doors and so forth.   The movie achieved the stereotype yet lacked the soul.  I spent the whole 109 minutes in anticipation for the movie to be removed from its leash,  and instead was rewarded with fortunate buoys placed to save the audience from drowning on a  sinking ship.

So fair enough, the animation was well made, the acting and voice talent was on par,  though I would have liked to see more of it than the cameo like quick snippits borrowed from the heritage of  Lewis Carrol's original Tale.   Helena Bonham Carter executed her part as the pouting Red Queen perfectly,  and in the end turned out to be the redemption of the film.  Sorry Johnny... Even Elfman who is notorious for using ghost writers and continuously declining in his creativity as a composer seemed to be doing pretty well with the music,  something that I was expecting to be frustrated with.   Thus I was almost willing to except the work as at least entertaining,  and then...

WHAT THE FUCK is up with that shit song for the ugly ass end credits... it forever ruined everything... All the waiting, all the watching; right down the toilet. All the talent wasted by crap producers... For what?  So disney can masturbate all over your face and laugh at you for buying a ticket. I could not get out of the theater fast enough.

I hate the world now... Art is dead.   Are money people really that tasteless.  How is it possible to suck that much...  Do your self a favor and start leaving the theater as soon as Alice gets on a boat.  Trust me.

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  1. well thats too bad. I probably won't go see it. thanks for saving me the cash.