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Pilgrims and Indians and all that Ensued

Which leaves us at the question: After stuffing the turkey should we hang it by the Moose over the fireplace?

Midwestern activities demand of youth, school plays detailing the peaceful relations of the the Pilgrims fleeing religious oppression and the kindly indians who helped them survive their first winter. The kindness repaid by a philosophy of manifest destiny, rail ways and broken treaties.

Beyond tracing the hand to make construction paper turkeys, the luck of the draw that dealt either the big black poster board hat or the head band with the blue or green feathers, and long accounts of the voyage of the Mayflower, plymouth rock and the growing and preparing of corn.

 There is the togetherness of family and friends with food a plenty.  Hearkens more true than most other holidays,  born of hype and shopping. 

God lay mercy upon the kid who got stuck in the turkey outfit or even the cornucopia for that matter.

So surely, we must indeed find cause to be thankful.

Better men have…