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Tommy Santee Klaws

"In Formation" is one of those soft sanguine songs that grabs the listener and leaves them hooked on it like a drug.  It's the type of song that ends up breaking charts for a band and getting played 20+ times a day.  I've seen often a great song becoming a definition,  but Tommy Santee's music lives in much deeper places and demands a look at the overall picture.  The Depth of sound is refreshing and unique,  eerie with a dirty undercurrent of western influence juxtaposed with violent beauty in the lyricism.  Furthermore, Tommy just has a haunting voice that seems completely honest, not to mention the well executed harmonies.  I find myself bouncing back and forth between "Rakes" and "Gloria" Trying to figure out which I like more. "Rakes", Tommy's eighth record, is being distributed by Imaginary Music, a label started by The Cure's Lol Tolhurst, and has a tightly polished sound and immaculate instrumentation as …

Production Techniques used by The Beatles producer George Martin

Nothing will quite change the trajectory of a band's music, and career,  like a great producer.   This can be seen with Radiohead after teaming up with Nigel Godrich for OK Computer,  and with a slightly less positive but even more tidal shifting collaboration of Mutt Lange and Shania Twain(which ruined country music forever more.)  Then there is Dr. Dre.  and the list especially in Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B goes on and on and on.   However, one relationship stands out above all others: 
The classically trained producer George Martin teaming up with the rock and roll band The Beatles in 1963, producing every Beatles recording from "Love me Do" the first single released to "Abbey Road" - the last album that The Beatles recorded (With the exception of Phil Spector's post production on the Let It Be album).   Martin recorded the first album stereo in eleven hours beginning his legacy as the fifth Beatle.  I would venture to say that without Martin's orch…