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Aronofsky Reimagines Swan Lake with Black Swan

I witnessed Aronofsky's  Black Swan back before the turn of the year,  It was angled to be a psycho sexual thriller about ballerinas with some super human overtones, along the lines of transformation.  After a month of being a stage hand for Nutcracker after Nutcracker, one would think I had enough Tchaikovsky or even enough ballet for that matter.  However, because Of  Pi and Requiem for a Dream I had some extraordinarily high expectations for this one, and by my first impression I was not disappointed at all.
 My tendency to judge films starting with the first frame was quickly annihilated by the long shot of a dancing ballerina that turned out to be Natalie Portman,  Her acting through out the movie continued to push boundaries and what impressed me most was her dedication and dancing as a ballerina.  Mila Kunis as the free spirited sexual dancer posed in a position between honest friend and rival for the glory of the Swan Queen was...well, Sexy.  Vincent Cassel also plays his…