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Musings On Old Art

Old art and the acquisition of new skills leaves one to wonder whether or not they should go "George Lucas" on old projects and revitalize them or let them go and move on to the next creation, pushing forward once again into uncharted territory.  A third option exists which is destroy it and never ever let it be seen. Ever. 
The great fear is perpetual turd polishing, that yesterdays little baby was in fact a giant useless piece of shit that needs flushing.  The great waste is hoarding work expecting that some day its inherent value will increase like wine in a cask. 
One might consider art an exercise to develop self, but if the past is just training for that which is to come then should the fruit of that labor be disposable or hidden like a dirty secret.  Art created in a vacuum might serve some cathartic purpose of time passage but will doubtful bring the outcome of self expression the artist needs. Art by its nature demands a sacrificial victim to experience the creation. …

The Cooky Creativity of OddBlossom

Strippers, insects, and zombie dogs mashed in old time film against a back drop of experimental pop await those brave enough to face garbage dump wonderlands of collected media scrambled and reassembled under monochrome names like Pop Poubelism. Some time around 2006 an adventure of growing pains was undertaken and attributed to a childish alter ego,  Bram Urban.  OddBlossom became a public archive of audio works discarded in inevitable growth and way past their expiration date.  Eventually explorations in video led back to old musical exploration and once again the child has room to play once again.

Cinema City by OddBlossom  2012 album "4 CM Off Reality. "     production by LogicalCurl.
Drinking on the Job is no good for any performer but sometimes, just sometimes, it works out for the audience.   
DaRk CiTy DaZe by OddBlossom.
"4 CM Off Reality"  Video Edited from Dance Of Life by LogicalCurl.

Armed with the artistic vision and commercial aspirations …