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Basketball With The Animals

Making animations with Dave Quion is one of my most rewarding undertakings. The following has pretty much been our routine since we were Suite mates at CalArts and worked on our first short "Lobster Shmobster" together.

Day 1. 
He comes to me with some absurd script and we spend hours in my studio recording voice overs and Improvising around the theme, laughing at our own silliness.

2 Months later.  
I get the animatic and seeing the characters shape and form start to lump together a sonic landscape. 

8 Months Later. 
Receive Dave's meticulous one man hand drawn animations and starting cutting in sound effects.  The overall process and collaborative element of our projects together is truly one of the most rewarding working relationships I have.

The fruit of that love and labor has resulted in one of our most polished and sleek shorts to date. "Duckhammer and Beavkid Get Buckets",  Is the story of two roommates,  a slacker Duck, and an average Beaver.  In their U…