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A Few More Images That Make Browsing For Stupid Stuff Stimulating


2nd New Los Angeles Folk Festival

The social networks have all been a buzz in the weeks leading up to the event held at the amazing Los Angeles hide away, "Zorthian Ranch", and it was in fact quite a day.   Daiana Feuer and the rest of the gang did an amazing job of setting this all up and making it effortless fun for all of us in attendance.  I need not say too much as the event organizers  have their elite team spreading word of the success through the blogosphere and press.  Be sure to check out for a rundown of the events and for some links to recordings of the performances.  
As for my thoughts and impressions,  We all know what I think of TSK,  further to be expected were the singer/songwriters traditionally expected at this type of event.  Some stand outs were Ana Caravelle, perhaps because this was my introduction to her music, perhaps due to the harp.   I should avoid comparing her to Joanna Newsom with a more soulful voice and sensitive style, but there is that similar…